My research lies at the confluence of strategy, organization theory, and entrepreneurship. In particular, I am interested in business model innovation (BMI) in both new and established firms. In my research, I build on institutional theory, organizational identity theory, and resource-based view to theorize how business model innovation is distinct from other innovation types (i.e. product, process, management innovation) and how BMI can lead to sustainable performance advantages. Furthermore, I research the antecedents of business model innovation in new firms, and how prevalent BMI is in established companies. Overall, my research provides insight into the nature, antecedents, and performance consequences of business model innovation.

I employ diverse methods, such as multiple case studies, longitudinal survey designs, and grounded theory development. In my empirical work, I have conducted and coded numerous face-to-face interviews, collected important amounts of archival data on specific firms and industries, developed innovative measures of the BMI construct, and employed sophisticated statistical methods of data analysis using the STATA software package.

I am a participant observer in the Metronomics Global Health initiative, an organization founded to combine cutting-edge scientific research, new business models, and social innovation to develop alternative anti-cancer strategies to benefit children in the developing world.

I defended my dissertation at the IESE Business School on the topic of antecedents and consequences of business model innovation, granted the 2014 Heizer Dissertation Award by the Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy of Management, and ranking in the top 10% of the ISPIM Dissertation Award Finalists. I have been presenting my work at various international conferences such as AOM, SMS, Druid, and EGOS.


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André, N., Banavali, S., Snihur, Y., and Pasquier, E. 2013. “Has the time come for Metronomics in low-income and middle-income countries?” The Lancet Oncology, 14(6), e239-e248.



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